Thank you to my friend and former Wisconsinite, Ruth Swisher, for inviting me to join her new Sacramento book club for their most recent get together. These lovely ladies are a group of hiking enthusiasts who share a love of books, and I was lucky enough to be their featured author.

We enjoyed a spirited discussion of my first book, LONG TIME COMING with plenty of laughs and a little bit of wine! One aspect of the book we returned to several times was the troubling question of why Elizabeth did not leave Eddie. The year was 1964 and times were different in many ways. There was little or no support for women in her situation and most accepted their fate because there were no options for them to do otherwise.

Meeting and talking with people all over the country who have read my books is a privilege, and I thank you for the opportunity to hear your comments and opinions about the stories I have created. Until we meet again, my new California friends!