Have you ever tried yoga? Yoga is a mind and body practice that teaches calmness and relaxation while increasing strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It also brings an awareness of any weaknesses you might have. I’m no expert, not even close, but yoga is something I continue to do, even though some days it is a challenge.

I think writing is like yoga in many ways. The more you write, the stronger and more balanced your writing will be. As you continue to practice writing, you will be able to try new and difficult writing tasks, and you will improve. If there are any weaknesses in your writing, you will become painfully aware of them, and you will learn from your mistakes. Is writing calming and relaxing? Some days, it can be, especially when everything falls into place. Other times it can be frustrating, deflating, and agonizing.

Whether you practice yoga or any other form of physical or mental exercise, it will make you a stronger and more enlightened. Namaste.