Here’s an assessment from BookLife Contest for my second book, BUILD YOUR WINGS ON THE WAY DOWN.

Plot: Family drama takes center stage as old wounds are opened and past hurts are revealed. Woven throughout these events is a poignant narrative of self-discovery and overcoming adversity.

Prose/Style: Staponkus’s prose is sympathetic and engaging.

Originality: Uncovering family secrets is an oft-read premise, but Staponkus’s unconventional, sympathetic heroine and lively supporting characters make for an interesting read. This tale of transformation and redemption follows Maureen Henderson, a woman struggling to overcome her past trauma. After she runs away to her home state of Wisconsin, Maureen becomes part of a struggle to keep fracking from her family’s former farm and uncovers a dark secret about her own tragic past.

Character Development/Execution: At its heart, Staponkus’s story is one about resilience and self-reliance.