When you have a friend who must leave you for their best new life, it is bittersweet. Meet Romeo, a dog I have walked at the Lakeland Animal Shelter for almost five years, including twice a day, seven days a week for over the last two years. We became close friends in those many trail walks together, and Romeo taught me a great deal about dogs. He is a creature driven by his senses, especially his keen eyesight and extraordinary sense of smell. If a cat was anywhere in the woods, the meadows, or on the trails, near or far, Romeo knew it and was on high alert, while I walked on, oblivious and unaware. The hair on his shoulders would prickle on end, his nose twitching, and then I knew things were about to get interesting. Romeo has a sense of humor and would glance over his shoulder at me with a smirk when I sang to him while we walked. He prances like a quarter horse and will fetch a ball until you are both exhausted. Romeo is a big fellow who takes treats with gentleness and appreciation and who fluffs the blankets in his kennel until they are arranged with a perfect pillow for his head. He is fiercely loyal and protective, but is so sensitive that his feelings get hurt if he thinks someone is upset. He’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and it has been a privilege to know him. I wish him a wonderful life in his forever home and will miss him every day. Be happy, Romeo!