When you are considering purchasing a new book, do you read the reviews? It’s amazing to me how different readers have a variety of opinions for the same book, from a five-star review praising the book as “The best I’ve read in a long time,” to a one-star rating advising you “Don’t waste your time and your money,” almost like the reviewers read a different book.

This week one of my book clubs, the Old Bags Book Club (a name which, in no way, is indicative of the ages of the ladies in the group) had an in-person get together, in itself, a wonderful happening. We discussed JoJo Moyes’ book, The Horse Dancer, a good read (in my opinion). Most of the club members agreed the plot was slow to start, but found the basic premise compelling and unusual. For me, once I arrived at the part where the horse, Boo, became an integral component of the story, I was hooked. It’s the animal lover in me, and I couldn’t put the book down until I found out what happened to the horse. Like several others in my club, I thought some of the main characters, aside from Boo, were hard to connect with and not easy to like, and one of the ladies was convinced the fourteen-year old Sarah was not only unlikable, but also devious and self-centered, something I don’t think Moyes intended her to be. The unusual topic of the plot, placed in an interesting setting, moved the story along and arrived at a satisfying ending.

Although all members didn’t have the same opinion about The Horse Dancer, we did agree the peach melba our hostess, Carol, served was delicious, a sweet ending to a lovely summer evening.

P.S. If you’ve read my books, I humbly urge you to write a review for either or both of them. Not only does your review help other readers know whether the book will be to their liking, but it also helps the author look at their writing from the perspective of the reader. Your opinion definitely matters!